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Event Rentals

Every year, the Carmel Valley Trail and Saddle Club is host to various horse shows and clinics. With an all-purpose club house, BBQ grounds and facilities, many private groups also rent the grounds for meetings, parties and other gatherings. If you are interested in booking the club for an event or get-together, please continue reading.

For upcoming event information, please refer to our calendar.


Clubhouse Entry

Clubhouse Interior

Clubhouse Interior





Parking Area

Picnic Grounds

Picnic Grounds


Horseshoe Pits

Snack Shack

Wash Rack

Water Station

East End of Small Arena

Small Arena Grandstand

Round Corral

Dressage Judging Booth

Dressage Court

Announcer's Stand

Large Arena

West side of Large Arena

Driving Court

South Side of Small Arena

Cattle Loading Chute

Large Arena Grandstand

General Information

The clubhouse and its grounds are available to rent to non-members according to the fee chart below. Club members may rent the club facilities at a sliding scale depending on the number of guests and pending approval by the board of directors. Please refer to the photo slider above for pictures and descriptions of site locations.

IMPORTANT: We do not rent the club out for any non-member wedding event (including weddings, wedding receptions, bridal luncheons, etc), or any class reunion event (member or non-member). Thank you for your understanding.

Site Location Up to 100 guests 100-199 Guests 200-299 Guests 300-500 Guests
Clubhouse $500/day +$400/day +$600/day +$800/day
Picnic & BBQ Area $500/day +$400/day +$600/day +$800/day
Large Arena $500/day +$400/day +$600/day +$800/day
Small Arena $400/day
Trail Course $100/day
Dressage Court $400/day
Driving Court $300/day


  • Total number of participants at the Club is limited to a maximum of 500
  • Non-member participating in equestrian events/clinics (arena fees): $20.00 per day, to be collected by event manager
  • Announcer booth and equipment are available for an additional fee
  • Equestrian events are given priority if conflict on dates
  • Picnic & BBQ area is available to participants of equestrian events at no charge during events
  • Club members may reserve the club facilities (for personal use only) upon approval by the Board of Directors. For non-equestrian events, the rental fee is on a sliding scale determined by the number of guests.
  • The Club is not available for renting for non-equestrian events by non-members
  • Cleaning deposit of $500.00 must be paid prior to event and will be reimbursed after inspection by the Club personnel.


Here are the steps for renting the Trail and Saddle Club.

  • Complete and submit an event application at least 60 days prior to your event
  • The Trail and Saddle Club Board of Directors will review your event application, at the next regularly scheduled board meeting
  • If approved, you must schedule an in-person, pre-event tour of the facilities with our Facilities Manager. Your on-site Event Coordinator (identified as such in the application) must be present at this meeting
  • Once the specifics of your event are decided, we will provide a rental agreement which will lay out the terms of the rental
  • Sign and return the agreement, along with

    1. Rental fee* (amount to be specified in the rental agreement, and refundable if your event is cancelled at least 2 weeks prior)
    2. Cleaning deposit fee* (amount to be specified in the rental agreement, and refundable in whole or in part depending on cleanup)
    3. One page ‘Acord Certificate of Liability Insurance’. Generally, this is a statement from your homeowner’s insurance showing liability coverage. We require minimum coverage of $1 million for each occurrence, and $2 million aggregate (these are standard terms). Also note that the Certificate Holder box (lower left corner on the Acord Certificate) must exactly read as in the sample. Click here to view sample
    • * Note that these fees must be paid by personal check, and mailed to us at PO Box 521, Carmel Valley, 93924.
  • Day of event: Upon arrival and before doing any setup, your Event Coordinator must check in with our Facilities Manager. The Event Coordinator must remain on-site throughout the event.
  • Conclusion of event and cleanup: A complete and thorough cleanup is required in order for you to receive your cleaning deposit. Before leaving the grounds on the day of the event, your Event Coordinator will accompany our Facilities Manager on an inspection to ensure all cleanup obligations have been met.
  • Return of cleaning deposit: Any cleaning deposit will be refunded to you within a week of your event.

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