We have made several adjustments to our format and rules, with the goal of leveling competition and preserving the friendly, local atmosphere of the Ranch Roundup. Please send us a message if you have any questions. Thanks!

New Open Division

  • An Open Division has been added to these four classes: Ranch Cutting, Ranch Trail, Ranch Riding and Ranch Reining. The other division in these classes will be referred to as Amateur.
  • Open competition is usually for the most experienced exhibitors, trainers and professional horsemen but many amateur and youth members can be tough competitors as well.
  • Professional competitors are defined as those have shown, judged, trained or assisted in training a horse for remuneration, monetary or otherwise, either directly or indirectly, or received remuneration for instructing another person in riding, driving, training or showing a horse for four calendar years previous.
  • Paybacks are added to these Open Division classes: Ranch Trail, Ranch Riding and Ranch Reining.
  • Paybacks in the Open Ranch Cutting class will be calculated and awarded separately from Amateur Ranch Cutting paybacks.
  • In each of the 4 Open Division classes, participants will compete for first-place awards and paybacks to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Placement points will be tracked, and these four classes will contribute to an Open Champion award and an Open Reserve Champion award. Points earned in these classes are separate, and will not contribute, to the overall weekend high point awards.

General Entry Changes

  • No same-day entries. You must be pre-entered in at least one class to add on show days.
  • In team events, a participant may enter twice, as long as each team is different.
  • In Ranch Cutting (Open and Amateur), Ranch Trail (Open and Amateur), Amateur Ranch Riding, Amateur Ranch Reining, Ranch Horse and Buckaroo, one person may enter twice, but each go must be on a different horse. Each go will qualify for placed awards, but only one score can be counted toward High Point.
  • Open Division: In Ranch Reining and Ranch Riding, one person may enter any number of times, but each go must be on a different horse. Each go will qualify for the first place award, but only one score can be counted toward the Open Division Champion and Reserve Champion awards.

Roping Changes

  • New! Century Roping. Combined age of team partners must be 100 years or more.
  • New! Ladies Roping. Replaces Ladies/Mixed Roping.
  • The Calf Doctor team size is increased to four.
  • Rubber on the horn is allowed in all classes except Old-Style Reata Roping

Schedule Changes

  • Old-Style Reata Roping is moved to Saturday afternoon in the small arena.

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